For The Delacroix Group a building can speak a thousand words. It has the power to encapsulate cultures, emanate art, convey literature and ultimately enhance an individuals experience to their environment. For us, buildings are the most visually cultural and historical component that exists. Just like the Pyramids speak to Egypt, skyscrapers to New York and ancient monasteries to China, our aim is to encapsulate the true essence of each project and deliver developments that illustrate a deep and meaningful value to its users. The ancient Romans referred to this process as the ‘Genius Loci,’ or ‘the spirit of a place.’
We believe every project has its own ‘genius loci’ and it’s our role and passion to bring that essence to our developments.

With years of experience, The Delacroix Group has established numerous projects that range from urban housing, private and public buildings, cultural developments and civic infrastructure. Traversing over numerous sectors, we put great significance on the individuality of our projects and emulate this methodology throughout the course of each project.

Set within the lush tropical forests of Aburi, Apemfie Peak provides the epitome of serene tranquillity. With exclusive panoramic views of the Aburi valleys, the development boasts an exclusive collection of studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Floor to ceiling glazed windows provide natural lighting bringing nature right into the grand living spaces.

Designed by The Delacroix Group to make a notable mark on the Accra skyline, The Signature’s architectural orientation is unlike anything found within the African Continent. Inspired by Ghana’s Adinkra symbol ‘Mframadan’ denoting strength and sturdiness, The Signature represents the pinnacle of refined African living.

This beautifully constructed multi-residential building in the trendy and sought after area of Labone provides a sophisticated illustration of dynamic architectural lines and finishes. A perfect balance of the natural, wooden louvers and proportionately angled windows offers unique private views of the areas intriguing hustle and bustle.

Every detail of this private residential was carefully selected to support our client’s elevated lifestyle. The brief was to bring nature into the living space. We feel we captured this very well with the use of floor to ceiling glazing, self-cooling floor tiles for the winter months, and a superb swimming pool in the back garden for the family to enjoy during Denmark’s warm summer periods.

A soothing oasis of peace on the Ada Lake, this unique holiday lodge exudes luxury in everyway imaginable. With the calming surroundings and impeccable traditional wooden design, this intricately constructed holiday resort conveys the very essence of blissful serenity.


Translating key color trends, lighting and textures is an art that elevates our developments to an unprecedented parallel. With a fantastic team of weldors, carpenters and vendors, it’s no surprise that our innovative style ideas withhold the test of time.
So whether you desire a luxuriously superb bathroom that provides you with a much needed sense of simplistic serenity or a contemporary living room area that seeks to bring you and your loved ones ever closer, our interior designs focus on placing the very essence of you at heart of what we do at all times.


Communities help shape our future leaders and innovators. By expanding our imagination to their fullest capabilities we hope to inspire the next generation through the very buildings they visit. For The Delacroix Group ‘legacy’ isn’t something you leave behind, its something that is to be continued on forever. This is why we believe buildings specifically developed for our youths ensure we visually cultivate those early conversations from the moment the individual walks into the building.
Our 10 year goal is to create an orphanage in every region of Ghana. That’s right, that’s one orphanage a year and we look forward to keeping you posted on the success of this project.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to discuss commissioning us for a particular project, we would be pleased to offer an initial meeting to explore your requirements in more detail.

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